Friday, November 11, 2011

I want to be a rebel

(On President Benigno Aquino III's total log ban exemption in mining areas)

President Benigno Aquino III has exempted the mining industry from the total log ban in exchange for obligating the industry to take part in the National Greening Program launched early this year.

Leo Jasareno, Mines and Geociences Bureau (MGB) national director, said on Thursday that making decisions like this was the Aquino administration’s way of making industry regulations more efficient and mining more acceptable to the public.

Yes, I want to be a rebel.

Four years ago, a colleague of mine was shot to death by a mining security officer while leading a picket against some hired surveyors of a mining company and the approval of a special cutting of trees permit approved by the late DENR Secretary Angelo Reyes.

Such permit will let the mining company cut more or less 70,000 trees.

The license had been suspended by then DENR Secretary Lito Atienza and anytime it may be lifted by now DENR Secretary Ramon Paje the fact that the exemption of President Aquino has been publicized.

I want to be a rebel.

Every tree and mineral on my island is already tainted by the blood of our martyr. This pronouncement of the President will lead to more bloodshed.

I want to be a rebel.

This government has now shown its hidden tentacles - orchestrated by the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines composed by mere less than one percent of the country's population.

I want to be a rebel.


Fortunately, a few government agencies I really trust are still fighting for a real change in the service of the Filipino people. One of which is the Climate Change Commission with people who are genuinely concerned with the future of this country.

Perhaps, the President doesn't know the real statistics on the ground.


I want to be a rebel.

Mr. President, I hope you read this message.

What you have pronounced will lead to a more chaotic Philippines.

I tell you. Believe me. Believe us. We are the 99%.

Mr. President, YOU LIED.

Mr. President, WE ARE YOUR BOSS.

Mr. President, you are now becoming the leader of the 1%.

Mr. President, I tell you solemnly: do not be fooled by these people.

Mr. President, you are an economist, and your own government agency says that the contribution of the mining industry to our gross domestic product is only less than 2%.

What have you become?

Mr. President, be afraid of your people for in due time they will become rebels themselves against the 1% you are now leading.

Is this a compromise?

A compromise of a fool mind and lost soul.

I wish I am a rebel.


tamgarra said...
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tamgarra said...

From a fan...i could say that it's very hypocritical pronouncement from our President.

Esther said...

Well said. This post should reach the president. He should at least find out if indeed the claims of Rodne are correct, accurate. If they are, can he dare go ahead against the 99% of our people?

Esther M Pacheco
COCAP, Green Convergence